They asked...

Util is an alternative measurement tool to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are used to assess the environmental impact a company has on the world. They wanted With to increase their brand awareness with asset managers through demonstrating their superior data set. 

We delivered...

Our strategy centred on a plan of highly tailored approaches to specific Very Important Journalists (VIJs) due to the fact there are just a handful of influential titles reaching our audience. The With team made themselves indispensable to market reporters and financial correspondents across national and key trade press, by providing bespoke data packages linked to specific industries, companies and trends in the news. From fast fashion players, to the oil & gas giants right through to the Asset Management behemoths such as Black Rock and Vanguard we worked hand in hand with the Util data team to uncover the untold stories and present new ways of looking at financial results in the news. Our work paid off; in addition to notable media placements across our select target media, we generated inbound enquiries for interviews from FTfm through to being offered a byline opportunities in the leading investment title, Investment Week. 


3 x

Tripled share of voice against competitors in 6 months


Increased SEO score to ‘Strong’ rating of 43 (ref. Moz data)


Exclusive VIJ interviews including Reuters and FT


Pieces of coverage in T1 and T2 media in the 4 months around ‘launch’