They asked...

Crucially, we needed to establish gravitas and differentiation from other data driven marketing automation providers where there was increasing competition, with a particular focus on targeting retail marketers.

We delivered...

With’s “RedEye Rises Above” strategy was built around the creation of exclusive, members-only content hubs. We built the RedEye Lenses: sector specific content channels using canny approaches we knew marketers would value: reports of events they couldn’t attend, topical video interviews (not case studies ;)) with clients, and commentary that flipped worn-out themes on their head.

We then built campaigns kicking off with the Marketing Buzzword Barometer. We used our in-house media analysis software to identify the use of marketing buzzwords over the last 7 years, turning the results into our ‘emarketing buzz barometer’ as well as the interactive Marketing Buzz Busters Quiz, which we then amplified on social channels.



of sign up target achieved from Retail Lens


increase in landing page views (from previous benchmark)


of MQL target achieved from Retail Lens


total downloads of Barometer


of download target achieved within two hours of Barometer going live