They asked...

Marketing Automation experts RedEye briefed With to increase revenue across the core business by improving the quality and volume of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) – pushing them further down the leads funnel. After a tumultuous year for its primarily digital marketer target audience, we needed to demonstrate RedEye’s deep understanding of their 2020 budgeting pain points and offer expert advice on how to make the most out of their budgets in the year ahead.

In a nutshell, we needed to creatively and effectively communicate the key message “RedEye gives you more bang for your digital marketing buck (and makes you more money!) even in uncertain times”… to establish gravitas and differentiation from other marketing automation providers.

We delivered...

Our “State of UK Marketing Budgets 2020” campaign was anchored on proprietary research with a sample size of UK marketers at all levels. Questions were centered around RedEye’s core specialisms; such as marketers’ willingness to allocate more budget to data capabilities in the future. Through this research, we uncovered the biggest budgeting challenges they had faced in the last eight months and their plans for the 2021 marketing budget cycle. 

We used these insights to build a narrative around “The State of UK Marketing Budgets” and packaged the data into a 4-part infographic series that could be digested quickly and without the requirement to read lengthy written content. Each infographic was released alongside a ghost written ‘expert analysis’ blog on the RedEye website to drive further engagement, whilst a three-part video animation also brought the insights to life in a new content format.

A LinkedIn sponsored content campaign gave prospects the opportunity to download the infographics in exchange for their contact details to further fuel the lead funnel.



downloads of infographic series – biggest driver of RedEye’s Q3 2020 marketing interactions after events


of new MQLs generated in Q3 2020 - joint biggest contributor alongside a RedEye hosted webinar


average campaign email open rate - 23% above 2020’s average marketing email open rate of 18.0% (source Campaign Monitor Research)