They asked...

Childcare and activities marketplaces, Pebble, tasked With with raising its profile among its two key audiences – parents and nurseries – via media. However, with childcare a perennially hot topic, we needed a story that could cut through the noise and showcase Pebble’s USPs.

We delivered...

With used our CLICK methodology to establish what set Pebble apart from its competitors and develop differentiated messaging. We studied Pebble’s own data to understand how parents were using its platform and identified white space topics that Pebble could own in media.

Through this process, we found that parents were often logging into Pebble after-hours to book urgent childcare solutions at short notice. We used these behavioural findings to inform a piece of consumer research, which delved deeper into parents’ difficulties juggling flexible working and inflexible childcare.

We used data findings to craft two distinct narratives to speak to parents and nurseries through national and trade media. The result was a national exclusive with the Daily Mail and blanket nursery trade coverage, all positioning Pebble as a flexible childcare platform and sharing key messages.



Share of Voice – 3rd in the UK among key competitors


Exclusive with the Daily Mail and the Mail Online


Pieces of online coverage in national press and leading trade media