They asked...

Maidthorn Partners is a media tech business who needed help launching two new products, both in the highly competitive and unicorn-dominated subscription video space. Our brief was clear – both services needed subscribers… fast.

We delivered...

Positioning Marquee.TV with its theatre, ballet and opera content as ‘Netflix for the Arts’ and a first in media, we were able to land hard news coverage from the Financial Times to the Evening Standard. We then took trending topics, such as Love Island and the Royal Wedding, and pegged our classic content against them to make alternative viewing which the TV listings were hungry for.

For country music hub CountryLine, we married data between potential subscribers and music-led regional radio. The With team landed a cost-free suite of competitions with Bauer Media. The competition ran across a selection of the nation’s favorite radio shows, including Absolute Radio and Magic FM, unlocking further opportunities across Grazia and Empire for Marquee.TV.



Pieces of coverage in national media


Subscriptions for Marquee


Outlets covered the Countryline competition


Entrants to the competition for Countryline