They asked...

As a newly established digital currency, LIFElabs needed to build its brand from scratch and establish awareness of its offer and what makes it different amongst potential currency-adopters and partners. All of this needed to be done in the incredibly noisy space of crypto currencies, where only the best brand stories manage to gain the necessary cut-through.

We delivered...

Audience insight showed a major cross over between golf fans and ‘crypto considerers’. A PGA British Masters sponsorship was struck – the first ever mainstream sporting event sponsorship by a digital currency. Using this angle, With placed the LIFElabs brand in front of nearly 6 million crypto enthusiasts in the world’s biggest crypto publications. Our coverage hit the mainstream too, in publications such as Forbes.

Engagement with the brand soared as LIFE secured new partners and adopters who were quick to invest in ‘LIFEtokens’. The time visitors spent on the LIFE website skyrocketed by 1,500%, while 59% more pages were viewed on every visit.



Increase of value of the coin


Pieces of coverage


Brand mentions


Increase in traffic to website