They asked...

Fraud prevention experts ClearSale wanted to increase their share of voice in three key markets: UK, Australia, Mexico, with only a physical presence in Australia to date. In collaboration with Bud Communications and Grupo Consultoría Estratégica, we reported into ClearSale’s lead agency, Moss Networks to deliver this campaign.

We delivered...

No-one could have known how the face of online shopping would change in 2020…and the associated impact on online fraud. The research we ran examined consumer attitudes towards online fraud and became a powerful weapon for media relations and customer engagement. We were able to demonstrate ClearSale’s finger-on-the-pulse perspective, driving customer value by landing multiple headlines across national media in all three regions. We also cleverly pivoted our bylines to relate them to the coronavirus’s effect on online fraud which resulted in successful placements. Our compelling whitepaper was also used across the ClearSale business as a valuable sales tool.



Pieces of coverage across three markets


Place for share of voice – up from 3rd prior to our campaign

Top 3

The three articles which have driven the greatest impact on SEO in 2020 were all placed as part of our campaign.