They asked...

Cimpress (NASDAQ CMPR) is the parent company of Vista and between them they employ 14,000 people. In October 2020 Cimpress announced a pioneering remote first policy. Since then they have worked tirelessly to make this a reality for employees. With was hired to promote their remote first status and help attract talent as part of the Future of Work narrative.

We delivered...

To meet the challenge that many media had not heard of Cimpress or know of their policy, we knew we needed to craft punchy positionings. From calling out the ‘shybrid’ policies of prevaricating businesses to making a bold claim to cut meetings by 20%, we crafted comment, backed by compelling remote first messages and proof points drawn from across company assets. We proved Cimpress’ role as a valuable partner to media by getting ahead of news like the UK Government’s announcement on flex working, or the RTO of major US tech co.’s, landing coverage in the likes of Bloomberg and The Boston Globe. We identified data points like the number of relocations to land Business Insider. The impact of the coverage on talent attraction has been phenomenal.



Increase in talent applications


Of articles in global tier 1 media like Bloomberg and Business Insider


Of coverage Includes remote-first messaging

The With team have shown a real energy and skill in getting Cimpress’ remote-first messages across. We truly value their partnership and the resultant impact on our commercial goals is self evident – Maureen Carroll, Senior Director Global Talent Acquisition and DE&I