Channel Factory

They asked...

Channel Factory, YouTube’s exclusive brand suitability partner, wanted to bolster its visibility in Europe by scaling up its share of voice. Improved systems, consistent message delivery and more impactful exposure across 12 European markets was the goal the team at With was given.

We delivered...

With implemented its hub and spoke model, with our London-based team as the strategic lead agency coordinating all markets. Using our proprietary CLICK process, rapid-fire deep dives with all market leads unlocked the insights and assets we needed to effectively build our EMEA newsroom including a multi-market content plan and a thought leadership bank ensuring regional messaging consistency across key narratives while allowing for localised angles. The hub team, collaboratively with the in-house team, also created a portal for proactive pitches linked to the pan-European news agenda such as the fight against misinformation around the Ukrainian war and kid’s safety online.

* Feb-July 2022 vs. the same period last year



Increase in brand mentions


Increase in penetration of key message - Brand Suitability*


Share of voice amongst direct competitors - up from 46%*


of coverage ranged between good and excellent domain authority