They asked...

Our brief is to consistently keep the narrative of access to cash in the national media with the single minded goal of helping to achieve protection for cash at a legislatory level. As payments become ever more digital, the hurdles become ever higher and the routes to media more challenging.

We delivered...

The With team proactively developed an innovative insight-led campaign. The creative leveraged good old April Fools’ day with a tongue-in-cheek story about a fictional archaeological excavation unearthing signs of a 2,000 year old Roman ATM machine! But the messaging was anything but glib as we honed in on the cost-of-living crisis to emphasise the importance of access to cash for some of the most economically vulnerable. The timing was also strategic, with 1st April being just before the Queen’s Speech. We plugged our story full of data from an on-ATM-screen questionnaire (OSQ) we created. We smashed national media coverage from the Daily Express to the Telegraph and City A.M. All of the articles featured Cardtronics’ powerful pro cash messaging.



Piece of legislation - Access to cash included in Queen's speech


Best April Fools of 2022 by Telegraph


Respondents to OSQ survey


Of coverage contained access to cash messaging