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The Covid pandemic provided the anti-cash lobby with an opportunity to undermine consumer confidence in cash and drive a shift in consumer payment behaviour that could have untold consequences for our economy. The result was a shift away from cash onto digital and a risk that the cash ecosystem relied upon by so many would crumble. As the world’s biggest ATM operator, Cardtronics was facing a challenge to reinforce the importance and benefits of cash usage, not just for the vulnerable but for the economy as a whole.

We delivered...

Cash has been a central part of our economy for centuries and Cardtronics were determined to protect its future for everyone. Knowing we needed hard facts to hit home, we designed on-ATM-screen surveys that generated over 4.7m responses, proving that 55% of Brits feel they are being forced to go cashless against their will. With our finger firmly on the news pulse, we collaborated with Which?, The Post Office, The Telegraph and The Mail On Sunday on their ‘save our cash’ campaigns. We used our data to secure share of voice for Cardtronics generating 287 pieces of coverage. We also issued ‘cash welcome here’ stickers to local retailers and secured 50+ retailer ‘Cash Champion’ social influencers around the country. Our commentary called on the Government to enshrine a legal right to use cash, contributing in part to the launch of a government consultation on the topic. As the lockdown restrictions eased, we saw a return to cash and a shift in the political and media agenda towards finding innovative and sustainable methods for maintaining cash for the long term.



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